Thermal imaging for timber pest inspections

Thermal Imaging

This course is an introduction to thermal imaging for timber pest inspectors.

The program is a practical oriented with a focus on camera use.  It is designed for people who have a thermal camera, as well as those who are looking seriously at purchasing a thermal camera.

If you already have a thermal camera, have done little or no training and wish to understand how to use your camera more effectively, then this program provides a simple pathway for you to improve both your thermal imaging knowledge and practical skills.

If you are serious about purchasing a thermal camera, this program will give you a practical understanding of what the camera can do.  It will also help you understand the implications of different camera specifications.  You will be able to then purchase a camera that meets your needs.

The course covers:

  • The physics of infrared radiation
  • How infrared radiation works in our environment and the practical implications
  • Camera specifications and their practical meaning in using the camera
  • Operating a thermal camera in a range of environments
  • Obtaining the best thermal image for the job
  • Interpreting a thermal image

This is an introductory program and does not provide a qualification or certification in thermal imaging or themography.

Duration: 2 days
CPD Points: 80


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