Termite dusting


Our workshop for termite dusting cover the following objectives:

  • Understanding the ecological factors of termites that play important roles in termite colony elimination programs
  • Understand the chemical and biological constraints on a termite colony elimination product
  • Recognise any factors in the delivery of the termite colony elimination product
  • Learn the correct application of the colony elimination product
  • Recognise events or effects on the termites or their workings that provide evidence of colony elimination 
  • Determine the time line from application to colony elimination
  • Provide awareness of the warnings required due to the application of the colony elimination product

There will be a practical demonstration of the application technique of a colony elimination product.  A skill session will be included so that all attendees will have hands on experience of the application technique.

A practical session is also included to provide any microscopic identification skills required for the recognition of product application efficacy.

Duration : 3 hours
CPD Points: 24 


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    REMINDER: AS 3660.1-2014 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work

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