Report writing for timber inspectors

Report Writing for Timber Pest Inspectors

This workshop is all about writing Timber Pest and Termite reports and the other associated documents.

A well constructed report is an effective and safe way of communicating the findings of an inspection to the client.  No matter how well the inspection is carried out, no matter how diligent the inspector, if the report does not communicate the findings of the inspection effectively or communicates the wrong impression altogether, you may have a problem.

This workshop covers
  • The information the report needs to provide about the inspection
  • The words used in the report
  • The types of recommendations and information you need to provide about the property
  • The types of things you do not need to report on

If recommendations are required then a Treatment Proposal will be needed, and these are covered during the workshop.

Even with software based reports you often need to provide your own individual words and phrases.  

This workshop will be of interest to anyone who works in the area of pest reports but will be of most use to those actually drafting and writing the final reports.

Duration: 1 day
CPD Points: 40 


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