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Studying with Rapid Solutions provides you with opportunities to gain recognised qualifications to support your career in Pest Management. Rapid Solution's trainers and assessors are all fully qualified with significant experience in pest control, business management and training. Our staff aim to assist you in achieving further qualifications or gaining formal recognition of your practical experience.

Rapid Solutions (Rapid Training Pty Ltd) is a Registered Training Organisation offering competency based training and nationally recognised qualifications in most of the units of competency in the National Pest Management Industry Competency Standards.

What is Competency?

Qualifications are gained by achieving the 'Units of Competency' that make up the qualification. Each unit of competency has a range of tasks and skills that need to be mastered before a person can be deemed competent in that particular unit of competency. You can demonstrate skills to an assessor by performing a job under observation, providing documentary evidence such as samples of paperwork, or by oral questioning. Competency based assessment looks at your ability to carry out a specific task safely, effectively and demonstrating sound background knowledge of the task. At the assessment you will be deemed as competent in a specific unit, or not yet competent. There is no such thing as a fail. If you are deemed not yet competent you should do further practice, you will then be reassessed in the areas you were not yet competent in. You do not need to be completely reassessed. Competencies can be assessed after training or experienced people may gain formal qualifications based on assessment of their current knowledge and skills.

Distance Education

In the past, students/businesses would spend a considerable amount of time and money sending students to 'Face to Face' workshops, often in different locations from their businesses/homes.  With our 'e-learning training' the theory component is conducted online, at any location that has a computer and internet access.  The Competency Units are broken down into smaller 'bite sized' chunks or 'modules (subjects), with each module containing some reading (specifically designed for computers) coupled with a large number of supporting diagrams.  However, one of the most valuable components of our e-learning training is the comprehensive number of 'YouTube type' videos where our trainers demonstrate the important learning points.

A final on-site practical assessment is carried out after all modules have been completed and the student has shown that they are competent in these.

While this method does offer a great deal of flexibility it is very important that the student liaise with both a workplace coach (if available) and our trainers .

It is recommended that students not currently employed within the Pest Industry attend a 'non-compulsory' one day tutorial to assist with their practical skills.

Face to Face Classes

This education pathway is book based, with Rapid Solutions supplying both the Learner Resources and Assessment Books for each subject. The student may work from home, office or any suitable site the student chooses. It offers the student greater flexibility in their learning however students should have a strong liaison with both a workplace coach and our trainers. Each course contains a series of modules, with each module having a set of assignments and or projects to be completed to demonstrate competency.

Course Time Frames

Each certified course expires 12 months from the enrolment date. The courses are self paced and can be completed in as little as 8 weeks.


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