E-Learning courses

Our E-Learning Centre provides you with online training that you complete in your own time, when it suits you from home or work.  No need to travel and sit in a classroom.

Now from your own computer you can complete certificate training and testing in your own time. It's as simple as select your course, pay the fee and get started. You can access your tutor by email, phone or Skype with questions or for advice. Get started now. Choose a course and update your knowledge and skills.

E-learning 'One Day' Tutorials:

New South Wales

Venue Type Date
Sydney Basic Pest Management March 21
Sydney Timber Pest Management March 22
Sydney Basic Pest Management
April 26
Sydney Timber Pest Management April 27
Sydney Basic Pest Management May 23
Sydney Timber Pest Management May 24
Sydney Basic Pest Management June 20
Sydney Timber Pest Management June 21


Venue Type Date
Basic Pest Management March 21
Timber Pest Management March 22
Brisbane Basic Pest Management April 12
Brisbane Basic Pest Management May 24
Brisbane Timber Pest Management May 25
Basic Pest Management June 21
Timber Pest Management June 22


Venue Type Date
Melbourne Assessments April 3
Basic Pest Management April 4
Timber Pest Management April 5
April 6 - 7
Assessments June 19
Melbourne Basic Pest Management June 20
Melbourne Timber Pest Management June 21
Melbourne Assessments
June 22 - 23


Venue Type Date
Assessments May 1 - 3
Basic Pest Management May 4

Students new to the Pest Management Industry are strongly recommended to attend a tutorial. These tutorials focus on practical skills using equipment.

E-learning students wanting to attend the above tutorials must register with Rapid Solutions at least 5 days prior to attending.

A charge is made for the tutorial for the Basic Pest Management  E-learning Course. Please contact us for details.


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  • April 2017

    REMINDER: AS 3660.1-2014 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work

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