Risk assessments


The various State and Territory occupational health and safety laws require a risk assessment to be carried our prior to the use of any chemicals. A risk assessment is required to ensure that the healthy and safety of other people, including the general public, are not put at risk whilst you conduct your business.

In conducting a risk assessment you should identify if there are:

  • People, including children, present or in the vicinity
  • Animals near the area to be treated
  • Children's play areas or equipment in the area to be treated
  • Edible vegetation that could be affected
  • Aquatic systems, eg. fishponds, dams, creeks, rivers or drains, near the area to be treated
  • Water held in tanks that could be affected

You also need to ensure that the weather conditions, especially the wind direction and strength, are suitable to undertake a chemical application.

We have developed a risk assessment and chemical record keeping paperwork system to help you in meeting your legislation and licence requirements.

If you require assistance with any technical advice, risk assessment, or developing your own paperwork, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 1300 309 169.


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