Termite & timber pest paperwork

We have the following paperwork for termite & timber pests:

  • Termite Treatment Proposal AS 3660-2000 (Pad 1) - Used for providing termite treatment quotations.Pad 2B Termite inspection
  • Visual Termite Inspection Report AS 3660.2-2000 (Pad 2B) - Used to provide a written report following an inspection for termites.
  • Certificate of Installation AS3660.1-2000 (Pad 3) - Used to document the installation of any form of termite protection system on a new building or extension to an existing building.
  • Certificate of Termite Treatment AS3660.2-2000 (Pad 4) - Used to document a termite treatment to or around existing buildings, including installing and treating, monitoring and baiting stations.
  • Termite Monitoring & Baiting Site Plan (Pad 9) - Used for documenting the position of bait stations and recording the amount of bait consumed for baiting programs.Pad 1 Termite Treatment Prop
  • Timber Pest Inspection Agreement (Pad 10) - Used prior to performing pre-purchase timber pest inspections, termite inspection and timber pest inspections. This agreement signed by the homeowner indicates that they understand the scope and limitations of the inspection report to be carried out.
  • Termite Baiting & Self Monitoring Proposal (Pad 13) - Used when a termite monitoring system is offered to a client who wishes to self monitor the system after elimination.
  • Termite Colony Baiting Proposal (Pad 14) - Used when a termite monitoring and baiting system is being installed and then monitored by the pest control firm.Pad 3 Cert of Installation
  • Durable Notice AS3660.1 & AS3660.2 - Aluminium foil meter box stickers used following a termite treatment to a property.
  • Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection (AS4349.3) - An inspection report that complies with AS4349.3 which you give to your client, and a field check sheet which is used during the inspection to record your findings and then used to compile the report.

This paperwork is able to be downloaded or purchased in our client section

We also have our Report Writer automated online report system available to clients which enables clients to quickly prepare inspection reports whilst onsite.

All our paperwork formats are copyright of Rapid Solutions and only available for use whilst you are an insured client.  In addition to our paperwork we also stock a wide range of Australian Standards, pest control and termite identification text books.


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