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  1. September 2017

    1. Rapid Solutions’ CEO named as the state’s top leader

      22/09/2017 12:00:00 AM

      At a special awards ceremony in Sydney on 19 September,Belinda Smith, was announced as the Institute of Managers and Leaders StateWinner (NSW) Leader/Manager in the Australian Leadership Excellence Awards. 

  2. August 2017

    1. KellyandRachel2017Conf
    2. Nikki Garrard
  3. June 2017

    1. FutureInsect
  4. April 2017

    1. New Building Work
  5. February 2017

    1. Belinda Smith CEO

      Belinda Smith appointed as CEO

      10/02/2017 12:00:00 AM

  6. December 2016

    1. RapidUpdateIssue39ChristRat
    2. RapidUpdateIssue39Margaret
    3. RapidUpdateIssue39CourtRoom
    4. RapidUpdateIssue39DrillHole

      Drill Hole Spacing

      December 2016

    5. RapidUpdateIssue39FilingCabinets
    6. RapidUpdateIssue39ChemDrums
    7. RapidUpdateIssue39AEPMALogo
    8. RapidUpdateIssue39GavPesty

      How can I improve?

      December 2016

  7. August 2016

    1. Website screenshot
    2. 2 techs
    3. Pesty and client
    4. RW on phone
    5. Pauline 2016

      New role for Pauline

      August 2016

    6. Roof Void
    7. Win more customers
    8. FAOPMA 2016 Conference Logo
  8. January 2016

    1. Average Pest Manager
  9. December 2015

    1. Shells weatherboard thumbnail
    2. Timber stud thumbnail

      Timber Stud Wall Frames

      December 2015

  10. October 2015

    1. Rapid Update Oct 2015 Training

      New e-learning opportunities

      October 2015

      New features to benefit your business including our new assessment and skill enhancement centre.
    2. Rapid Update Oct 2015 Conference

      The biggest Rapid Solutions conference so far

      October 2015

      A full recap of the 2015 conference and a chance to see who you recognise in the conference video and photos.
    3. Strata

      Strata titled properties and inspection to appendix B

      October 2015

      Clarification of the scope of inspection for these properties based on claims experience.
    4. 20-12-2012 TimberSecure

      TimberSecure: What's in it for you and your clients?

      October 2015

      Over 150 pest managers across Australia are securing more clients with TimberSecure. Hear some of them tell you how.

  11. April 2015

    1. Conference-Overview-link

      Risk Management Conference 2015

      April 2015

      We take great pleasure in inviting you to the 2015 Rapid Solutions Risk Management Conference at Jupiters Hotel and Casino on the spectacular Australian Gold Coast.

  12. February 2015

    1. Client Feedback Survey Winners

      February 2015

      Client Feedback Survey winners

  13. January 2015

    1. The Value of Upselling

      The Value of Upselling

      January 2015

      "It costs 6 - 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one" - Bain & Company
  14. November 2014

    1. Prepurchase Building Reports

      Pre-Purchase Building Reports

      November 2014

      Even though it has been 7 years since the changes were made to the 1995 standard we find that the mindset and paperwork of some inspectors still has not changed to accommodate the 2007 Standard.
    2. Dec 2014 SWMS

      Work, Health and Safety Obiligations

      November 2014

      A SWMS is generally specific to each particular business and the activities/services they provide.

    3. pitfalls for building inspectors

      Prepurchase Building Inspections

      November 2014

      When performing pre-purchase building inspections there are nine (9) pitfalls that inspectors need to be aware of. 
  15. June 2014

    1. Report Writer

      Just launched! NEW Report Writer App

      June 2014

      Helping you and your business reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve compliance.
    2. Quality Control

      Quality Counts

      June 2014

      An article about the pitfalls of slashing costs at the expense of quality.

    3. Customer Complaints

      Six lessons to learn from complaints

      June 2014

      It is a fact of modern business life that some people will complain whatever you do. Whether this is a negative or a positive experience depends upon how your business is set up and how you respond to your customer.

  16. March 2014

    1. New Building Reports

      New Building Reports Available

      March 2014

      We have developed new paperwork for Building Inspections which is now available.

  17. November 2013

    1. 2013-11-01 E-Learning
  18. March 2013

    1. 2013 Conference

      Conference at Jupiters Gold Coast

      March 2013

      We've returned to the Gold Coast to host our 8th Risk Management Conference to be held at Jupiters Gold Coast on the 16th & 17th August. 

  19. January 2013

    1. Best Basic Pest Training

      $925 for Basic Pest Training by the Industry's Best

      January 2013

      Undertaken basic pest management training with the best trainers for only $925*.

  20. December 2012

    1. 20-12-2012 Another Twenty Years

      Another Twenty Years

      December 2012

      Its been two decades since Rapid Solutions commenced providing insurance to your industry and we plan to be doing the same in another two decades. 
    2. 20-12-2012 TimberSecure


      December 2012

      (Clients Only)
      Our all new, Australian first homeowner termite insurance policy will help you gain and retain clients.  

    3. 2012-12-20Petrol Powered Backpacks

      Petrol Powered Backpacks

      December 2012

      (Clients Only)
      The pros and cons of using petrol powered motorised backpack misters in commercial settings.

    4. 20-12-2012 Looking to Hire Employees

      Looking to Hire Employees?

      20 December 2012

      (Clients Only)

      Employing is not as simple as "advertising and hiring". There are many more steps to take. 

    5. 2012-12-20 Termite Treatment Diagrams

      Termite Treatment Diagrams

      December 2012

      (Clients Only)
      Termite Treatments diagrams (aka mud maps) are important because they are the only representation of the site work that has been completed.

    6. 2012-12-20 Customer Relations

      Customer Relations

      December 2012

      (Clients Only)
      Handling complaints is all part of good customer relations and business reputation building. Here are some tips.
    7. 19-12-2012 Fair Work Australia

      Fair Work Australia Targets Pest Controllers

      December 2012

      Queensland's pest control and gardening service industries are the focus of Fair Works' compliance audit.
  21. November 2012

    1. 9-8-2012-Roadshow

      Rapid Roadshow at Cairns - Free

      November 2012

      Are you attending our FREE Rapid Roadshow at Cairns on the 29th November ?

  22. September 2012

    1. TimberSecure Shield

      Whats happening at Rapid

      September 2012

      Just a short update to keep you informed of what is happening at Rapid Solutions.

  23. August 2012

    1. 9-8-2012-Roadshow

      Rapid Roadshows - Free

      August 2012

      Are you attending our FREE Rapid Roadshows?

  24. July 2012

    1. 1-7-2012-Report-Writer

      Introducing Report Writer

      1 July 2012

      Report Writer is our new online, onsite report writing system which is available to our clients. Free trial for the month of July.

  25. June 2012

    1. 29-6-2012-Training

      Whats happening in Training!

      29 June 2012

      Our Training Department has expanded with new trainers and assessors and new course formats. 

    2. 29-6-2012-FAOPMA

      See you at FAOPMA!

      29 June 2012

      Come and see our new look and products from the 11th -13th  July at Adelaide.

  26. November 2011

    1. 2011-11-30 Dichlorvos Label Changes Important

      Dichlorvos Label Changes - Important

      30 November 2011

      The APVMA has undertaken a review of Dichlorvos and has released their final report with recommendations for significant label changes

    2. 2011-11-30 Winner 2011 Trip to Thailand

      Winner - 2011 Conference Trip to Thailand

      30 November 2011

      See who the lucky winner was for the all expenses paid trip to Thailand given away at our Risk Management Conference by Sherwood Chemicals.

    3. 2011-11-30 New-Thermal-Imaging-Courses-1

      New Thermal Imaging Courses

      30 November 2011

      Rapid Training are currently developing new distance thermal imaging courses

  27. October 2010

    1. 2010-10-01-Inspecting-Roof-Voids-To-Australian-Standardsa

      Inspecting Roof Voids To Australian Standards

      October 2010

      There is some confusion among many of our clients who carry out Building, Timber Pest and Termite Inspections over getting into roof voids.

    2. 2010-10-01-Making-The-Most-Of-Report-Photography

      Making The Most Of Report Photography

      1 October 2010

      The power of photographs to communicate a message means digital cameras have become a core business tool for an inspector. The trick is to ensure every photo provides meaningful information supporting the overall message of the report.


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  • Rapid Solutions’ CEO named as the state’s top leader

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    Conference expands to meet industry needs

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  • August 2017

    Rapid approach enhanced by new appointment

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